Kurt Cobain Honored with a Depressing Statue in Aberdeen


In Washington, a concrete statue of a famous native of the town of Aberdeen was erected on February 20. Make no mistake; this was no coincidence that the day would have been the 47 birthday of the memorialized singer, Kurt Cobain.

Kurt Cobain Day in Aberdeen, Wash.

Cobain, leader of the ever famous band Nirvana, led a rather controversial life in his twenty-seven years. Struggling with a severe heroin addiction and then eventually taking his own life, the Nirvana legend is not someone for whom many people would expect to see a tribute. Many residents of Aberdeen were shocked at the memorial, as Cobain had certainly made no efforts to hide his disdain for his home town. However, as the mayor of Aberdeen stated, despite his lifestyle, the music Cobain created is worth honoring.

The statue itself is a rather bizarre sight. With a single tear dripping down his cheek with a rather fallen posture and expression, the statue of Cobain has evoked a wide range of responses from viewers: uncomfortable giggling to profound interest. The small details on the statute, such as the ripped jeans and the left handed playing of his guitar strengthen the resemblance to the rock star. In a sense, he is being portrayed as a rock star Jesus.

William Simpson, the mayor of Aberdeen, hosted Kurt Cobain day as a way to honor the accomplished native’s life. With a performance by local band, Gebular, and Nirvana members Aaron Burckhard and Warren Mason, and the unveiling of the statue, the day brought in a multitude of tourists. The mayor’s apparent goal is to become the next big attraction, similar to Elvis Presley’s Graceland. Since he has already had thirty nine interviews about the Cobain Day, it is obvious that the town is gaining just the media he so desired.



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