WATCH: Fake Rob Ford Joins Arcade Fire for Toronto Show


Arcade Fire, a band based in Quebec, Canada, has been playing their indie rock music since their founding in 2001. In Toronto on March 13, Arcade Fire had many tricks up their sleeve to assuredly provide their fans a night of entertainment.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 5.40.14 PM

A group of impostor Arcade Fire members performed ‘Ban Marriage’ by a Hidden Camera, while wearing paper mâché heads. While this was distracting the audience, the real Arcade Fire members were setting up the stage on which they performed the rest of the night. Following in this pattern of surprise, a man was escorted on to the stage, wearing a television headpiece with the projection of the head of Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto. Ironically, Arcade Fire frontman, Winn Butler, introduced him just moments before they played their song, ‘Normal Person’, by saying “We’d like to bring to the stage the most normal person we know, Rob Ford!” The man appearing to be the mayor played the tambourine along with the band. While this was a strange move on the band’s part, it was a memorable show which surely increased their popularity amongst their fandom.


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